In Shara’s session, I was happy to experience the inner worlds guided by her. I felt relaxed and comfortable, wrapped in her purity and loving-kindness. To my surprise, there was more: things shifted in my reality after the session. The session was not just heart-warming and pleasant, but very powerful!
— Natsuko H., Italy & Japan

Passing through a difficult divorce left me devastated emotionally and professionally. I was lost and paralyzed in my life. Thankfully, I had the opportunity of being guided by Shara. Her exercises allowed me to remember who I am and what I am capable of doing. I reconnected my body and all of my senses. I feel like myself now.
— Roberto S., Mexico

I highly recommend Shara, her experience in Core Evolution is centered in the mind, body, heart and her core. She has gone thru a deeply personal transformation process and gone further to train and be certified. In short, she lives it.
— Cameron R., Canada

I was experiencing shame, unresolved issues and trauma. Shara is very caring and professional in her approach. She has helped me to release the need for drama in my life and guided me to develop mindfulness about my reactions. Very empowering.
— Speala L., Slovenia

Shara gave me and my family a face-reading (from her Morphology studies). She was accurate and brought surprising new information about resources that I didn’t know I had within myself.
— Maria Paula L., Mexico

I’m impressed by the range of fields that Shara covers in her teachings: not only did she give us clear theory, she also helped us bring the teachings to practice and suggested integrative exercises that I will never forget. I am deeply moved.
— Orlando H., U.S.A.

Finally, a wholistic therapist that is not lost on the clouds!
— Susana C., Switzerland

Thank you, Shara, for our very spiritual sessions. Hard to imagine how menstruation-work could help me reconnect to a larger Intelligence.
— Nina V., Slovenia